10 Years of Recruiting Evolution – What Will the Next 10 Bring?

Recruiting Evolution

Recruiting Evolution

This September marks the 10th anniversary for Millennium Search. It was 2003, a year when Google was still private, and Facebook and Twitter were nowhere in sight. We were founded the same year as LinkedIn, when no one knew who they were. Now, they have become a true game changer for the recruiting industry, with every professional, company and recruiter maintaining a presence . Ten years ago, it was a world without iPhones, mobile apps and social networking sites. Back then, CRM/ERP, Security, Enterprise Applications, Data Warehousing/BI and Storage/Cloud Computing were all hot technologies. Today’s in-demand sectors are Mobile Apps, Gaming, SaaS, Consumer Internet, Social Networking, Big Data/Analytics and Cybersecurity. Over the past 10 years, we’ve enjoyed watching our clients go public, witnessed many M&A’s providing successful exits, and have helped thousands of people become millionaires along the way.

At Millennium Search, the mission is to remain boutique and provide a high caliber of service to our clients that is responsive, fast and efficient. In managing client searches, we will continue to use the latest recruiting techniques, combined with a base of old school values that build long-term relationships. On behalf of our candidate network, we will work even harder to vet out our clients to ensure they have a strong management team, sufficient cash flow, and the product and vision necessary to create successful companies with career opportunities, not just jobs. We’ve built a firm with the scope and expertise to fulfill the full range of talent needs specifically for today’s technology companies. We now offer results oriented solutions, whether retained or contingency, to fill executive positions as well as technical, marketing and sales roles. We are on the forefront of the latest technologies, working with hundreds of venture backed companies ranging from emerging technology startups to established household brands, with a reach spanning from the United States to groups out of Europe, India, China and Israel.

What will the next 10 years look like in the high-tech industry? We now live in an era of technology disruption, with the Internet of Things, Wearable Technologies, Drones, Driverless Cars and more. We essentially accomplish everything from our smartphones. Soon enough, we will replace a trip to the doctor’s office when we don’t feel well, using sensors to check and deliver vital signs through an app that allows for the instantaneous generation of an Rx. Already, you can get a ride, book your vacation, wire money, deposit a check, book a restaurant, buy tickets to the game, trade your stocks, buy a car, rent a car, find that long lost high school buddy,  gamble or video conference your family in Europe in real-time, all from your phone. It will be amazing to watch new, life changing companies emerge over the next 10 years, just as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have done these past 10 years.

We feel high-tech will remain strong well beyond the next 10 year stretch because of improved and continuous connectivity, and we will continue to be in the middle of it all. Thanks to everyone who has supported Millennium Search, from our Friends and Family to Clients and Candidates. And most importantly, a special thanks to the entire Millennium Search Team who works hard every day to consistently deliver best efforts with quality results – our future is bright!

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