3 Tips To Follow Up After Your Job Interview

Follow Up After Your Job Interview

After a job interview, whether or not you feel it was successful, you must follow up after your job interview. This shows you have initiative and passion to do the job well. Failing to do in a timely and appropriate manner may mean losing the job to someone who takes the initiative.

Use Email, Not Snail Mail

In the past, etiquette professionals recommended a typed or even handwritten thank-you note sent through by mail after an interview. In most corporations, this is no longer what is expected. A professionally written email shows you are technologically savvy and also ensures your response is received promptly and not ousted by another interviewee.

Treat It Like a Proposal Letter

In your email letter, refer to the topics discussed in the interview and show the reader how you can help with those topics. If a particular challenge the company is facing came up during the interview, express your enthusiasm and expertise for helping them tackle that issue. If the company’s strengths were discussed, state how your strengths will help the company meets its goals.

When to Call

Sometimes you will hear back via email after your thank-you letter, especially if the company is interested. If you do not, a phone call can show you have the initiative and enthusiasm the company wants in a new hire. In the sales industry, you are expected to be aggressive, so you must take a more aggressive approach to follow up after your job interview. Working with a recruiter can help you determine when is the appropriate time to call a particular company.

At the end of your interview, craft a question that will give you a timeframe for an expected call back. Review your qualifications for the job and ask the interviewer when a decision will be made. If they give you a date, ask if you can call at that time. If you are not given a date, consider calling two or three days after you send the thank-you note.

When you call, thank the individual for the interview, express your interest in the job and ask if a decision has been made. If the answer is no, remind them of your qualifications, and ask about a new timeframe. Soon you will have your answer, and you will have shown that you were persistent enough to be a good candidate for the job.

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