9 Important Questions Answered by Millennium Search


We recently saw an article published on recruiter.com that suggested 9 questions a company should pose to an external recruiter before moving forward with them. There was varied response to the article from the recruiting community, but it made me wonder what Amish Shah, our CEO, might say in response to those questions.

I decided to ask him. Here is what Amish had to say about Millennium Search:

1. How long has their firm been in operation?

Millennium Search LLC was founded in September, 2003. Millennium Search is dedicated to the ethical, rapid and successful placement of top-tiered talent in the high-tech sector around the world. It is our mission to provide a match that will result in success and growth for both the client and the candidate.

2. What is the employee turnover level of the business?

Millennium Search has a low turnover rate because our internal hiring process is very in-depth and selective. To ensure we hire the right person, we assign an initial task to judge the applicant’s metrics, personality, passion and skill sets. We evaluate their client management experience, the specific type of recruiting experience they have and their overall approach. They are also tasked with the exercise of submitting a pipeline of candidates for sample roles within our specialty and hypothetically presenting them so that we can ascertain their performance as a recruiter. In addition to the opportunity to sell themselves to us, we target references in order to address concerns on weaker elements, confirm their strengths, determine their tech savvy, their level of independence and the methods that allow them to learn most effectively. This determines if and how we can set them up for success. It is a challenging process that effectively eliminates recruiters less likely to fit in and be a productive member of our Team.

3. What is the average experience level of the business? What is the experience level of your key contacts and the people who will be working with you?

We employ senior people with a minimum of 8-10 years experience. They need to have at least two solid years of industry experience within our niche.

4. What is the success rate of the business?

Around 75%. We are selective with the clients we work with because of our desire to keep our brand at a high level. Our focus is on early to mid-stage high-tech startups who add value to the marketplace by being revolutionary with strong backing and even stronger management. In addition to providing the right placements for this portfolio of clients, we continue to service their ongoing needs. We are very results oriented so we don’t promise anything we can’t deliver. Our rates can be beat but our results prove our worth.

5. Do you specialize in a specific sector?

We love and focus on the high tech industry, cutting edge technology and disruptive products. Our core base has evolved. It was initially almost exclusively in Silicon Valley. As the tech world migrated to Boston’s universities and research labs and continued along to emerging cities such as New York, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, and Los Angeles, we have been along for the ride. And because it is an entrepreneurial world right now, our global clientele reflects this across early to mid-stage startups. We stay engaged with industry trends, know which cutting edge innovations are posed to take over and are as excited about them as the people creating them. That’s what we do, that’s why we do it and why our model works.

6. Who will be your point of contact?

Our recruiters are full desk. You will work with the recruiter directly throughout the entire search process, although our recruiters work together on various searches to ensure all Team networks are tapped for your roles.

7. What is your sourcing process?

Because of their varying backgrounds, all of our recruiters have a different style, and we embrace that. But the Team has the same tools available to them to source the top candidates for our clients’ roles. We have developed an internal database of our full Team’s network since our inception. We go beyond job boards to discover and engage passive candidates. We hired a marketing firm to develop our social media recruiting techniques and continue to build upon that arena every day. In the end, the type of search (i.e. contingency, exclusive, retainer), and the specific position the role requires has a lot to do with which sets of strategic techniques our recruiters employ.
What sets us apart from other companies is how we filter through potential candidates. Our recruiters have a lot of experience. And they have a variety of styles. Therefore, they all have different approaches to the questions they ask. But they are all following the same general process. A candidate’s online profiles and online activity are always reviewed in conjunction with their resume. Cross-referencing and building a more complete picture gives better insight into potential concerns. We delve into our network for insight on candidates traveling in their circles. Not only do we qualify; we look for red flags. The core qualifying questions are the same and a sales, tech or marketing candidate would then determine the type of focus more detailed questions will have. We find out who they’re already talking to and which companies they’d like to talk to. Most importantly, we listen to what the candidate considers to be their ideal situation. Candidates with an appetite for risk are matched with startup roles they can be excited about. Candidates with a big company comfort level are matched with more established corporations. This also supports our clients’ goals of long-term placement success.

8. Do we offer any form of guarantee whether it is official or what do we promise our clients?

We promise our clients results and we guarantee them. We can get the job done faster with higher efficiency than the competition. We back that up with a 90-day guarantee. If the placed candidate is terminated within 90 days for reasons other than staff reduction purposes, we will replace that person for free.

9. Can you tell me about your client base?

Take a look at our case studies. We work with companies focused on cloud, mobile, social, analytics, security, applications, gaming, and more in the high tech world, ranging from VC backed startups and emerging companies, up to Fortune 500 clients. Many of them are repeat clients, and have spoken high praise of Millennium Search. It is our track record of success that not only brings them to us, but keeps them coming back. Take a look here.

Do you have more questions about Millennium Search? We want to hear from you! Speak with us today about your company’s hiring needs.

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