Are You Hiring A Players?

Most companies start small, with a few people wearing multiple hats. But as companies start to grow, they need new talent to fulfill responsibilities that can no longer be handled by only a few people. While growth is exciting, it can blind a hiring manager and completely rob the company of future success. Key hires are essential to continuing an organization’s growth and success. You need A players.

These A players often get lost when companies rush to fill roles. This is likely the mistake of nearly every mid-sized company that fails. In an effort to continue growth, managers make the mistake of thinking that hiring more people—rather than the right people—will lead to effective company growth. Often times, less is more.

An A player is described by Dr. Bradford Smart—in his book Topgrading —as someone in the top 10% of skill in their compensation range. He mentions that A players can be found in any pay range, so don’t assume you cannot afford A players.

In order to hire A players, look for people—whether already inside your organization or candidates applying for a position—who can create focused, collaborative and results-driven teams. These people facilitate creativeness in others, relay a strategically sound vision and work at an extremely high energy level. The best part of an A player is that they hire other A players when placed in a management position.

By hiring A players , you are establishing a positive and sustainable impact on the work environment inside your organization, which will soon reflect outwardly. By not settling for C players or even B players, your current employees will start to take notice. Those who are not quite yet A players, will either step it up or find other opportunities. Smart hiring challenges employers to take a long-term success approach and this starts with the team that makes your company run.

Of course, hiring A players, takes time and effort. A small company or even some mid-sized companies may not be able to spend such a concentrated effort on finding these A players to help solidify their companies future success. Many of these companies do take advantage of working with recruiters whose job is to find A players.

Hiring a recruiting agency to focus on this very important task could be an option. If you are concerned with this idea because of cost, just consider the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on one mis-hire and the long term effects it will have on your organization. These agencies know where the A players are and can weed out the candidates who will not better your organization in the long run.

When a company is only as successful as the people who are inside it, doesn’t it just make sense to only hire A players?

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