Don’t Hire Top Talent; Build A Top Team


Too much thought and focus goes towards finding cream of the crop talent in the high-tech industry. Tech startups need passionate and skilled people on their teams, yes, but many companies take this notion too far, passing over talented individuals in their pursuit for the perfect people. Perfect people don’t exist. Near perfect professionals are hard to find, expensive, generally employed and receive job offers on a regular basis. Passionate, skilled and capable talent is easier found, more affordable and eager to join the right team. And in reality, the team built from the latter group can take your company far if you target the right people.

The Full Stack Rockstar Is No More

No, I don’t mean that LAMP professionals are extinct, but rather that LAMP is no longer the full stack. Getting tech to an MVP level in today’s landscape requires more disciplines than one professional can learn and master. Furthermore, I can’t think of a company in today’s tech world that has built a product with a team of one. To develop products in a reasonable timeframe, companies require a team of people collaborating and working together in a cohesive unit. For this reason, building the right team means building the right culture, which should take priority over acquiring a singular talent resource.

A Team Of 10 Produces More Than 10 People

Finding people who can do the work is easy. The real challenge is finding the right people for your team, culture and company. Overcoming that challenge pays huge dividends for a startup, and most successful companies know this. Evidence supporting the idea that happier employees are more productive is overwhelming. A significant part of that equation is building a team of people who work together well and enjoy each other in close quarters. This makes the cultural analysis a more important component of the hiring process than other aspects. In a well-thought-out team, per employee output should be a multiple of what a single employee could accomplish alone. A dysfunctional team, on the other hand, leads to fractional per employee output.

Focus On The Team Puts Focus On Hiring For The Right Things

When hiring objectives shift from finding the best in the industry to finding the best for your team, companies begin looking for traits more valuable than just accomplishments and skill sets. Qualities like passion, integrity, wisdom and creativity become a higher priority, all of which are difficult if not impossible to teach or train, but necessary and invaluable. Technologies, languages and industries can be taught and learned, but character and aptitude are almost always constants.
There is no question that top industry talent is a scarce commodity and something worth capturing. But should your company have the opportunity to hire industry leading talent, make sure they fit your team, culture and company first. To start building your team the right way, get in touch with us today!

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