Mike Feeney Joins Millennium Search

Mike Feeney Joins Millennium Search

Mike Feeney

Boston Based Mike Feeney joins the executive search firm as Senior Executive Recruiter.

Millennium Search has recently expanded its team of veteran recruiters. Michael Feeney, based out of Boston, MA, joins the firm as Senior Executive Recruiter.

Michael Feeney has a successful background in executive recruiting, and joins Millennium Search from Strategic Ventures. He brings with him a successful track record of providing technology companies with high speed access to top performing talent across strategic, precise and immediate senior talent needs for technical, sales and management functions. He is a veteran of the executive recruiting industry combined, bringing a background in strategy and marketing for the technology industry as well. His successful career made him an ideal match for the Millennium Search team and its technology startup clientele.

“The rapid growth of Millennium Search in the emerging tech space got my attention,” says Mike Feeney of his decision to join the recruiting team. “A closer look revealed that the company’s success is driven by providing clients the essentials for attracting top talent: insight, speed, and reach.”

“Michael is going to be a great addition to the team and has the ideal background to serve our technology startup clients,” says Amish Shah, CEO and Founder of Millennium Search. “He has been on both sides of the house, working for software companies directly, running his own recruiting desk and even managing his own firm. He understands our clients. He knows what they need in a way that few do, because he’s actually been in their shoes.”

Internet Startup Studio Stripes39 Retains Millennium Search

Internet Startup Studio Stripes39 Retains Millennium Search


The Seattle Based startup Stripes39 has retained Millennium Search to aid in the search for talent to fill key roles at several of its new ventures.

Stripes39, an internet based startup focused on creating and funding world class digital consumer experiences and supporting companies, is jump-starting its talent acquisition efforts to accommodate recent growth and expansion. With their core business yielding substantial success, the company is turning its focus towards several new ventures. In an effort to aid in the discovery and selection of talent and accelerate  their hiring efforts, Stripes39 has retained Millennium Search, an executive search firm specializing in the placement of top performers throughout the world of startups and technology companies. With a broad network of VC relationships, extensive talent pools and a veteran team, Millennium Search’s resources give Stripes39 an advantage in the hiring of their core contributors.

Stripes39,  is part of a new breed of ‘startup studios’, such as Betaworks and Science Inc, that build, acquire, and invest where they believe their core competencies afford them a unique advantage. For Stripes39, that core competency is ‘growth hacking’. With the explosion of the company’s Education Labs venture, Stripes39 is pushing for further expansion in 2014. Emerging ventures from the company include Concept.com, an exciting new digital consumer product & media  company built around Stripes39’s content marketing expertise, and Sway.com, a previously-launched project in women’s fashion that saw explosive viral growth. As part of its portfolio of services & tools companies, Stripes39 is excited to spin out Fixer.com, its internal business process offshoring center, into a standalone endeavor.

Stripes39 retained Millennium Search to help expand Stripes39’s recruiting capabilities  for several unique but key positions across their portfolio of new ventures.  Senior Executive Recruiters Mark Cergol and Kyle Misiak will head the account, along with involvement from Millennium Search founder and CEO Amish Shah.

“We chose Millennium Search because, unlike many other recruiting partners we evaluated, they just get it,” says Jain of the Stripes39 partnership with Millennium Search.  “We’ve found that, in the past, the biggest barrier to success has been recruiters not truly understanding what we do or who we are. Because Amish invests in startups, because the team works largely with startups, because people on the team come from startups and, most importantly, because they operate like a bleeding edge startup themselves, they truly understand us and thus, what we are looking for.”

Millennium Search CEO Featured on Fox Business

Amish Shah, CEO and founder of Millennium Search and managing partner at Sierra Maya Ventures, was recently heard voicing his opinion on Fox Business about the problem of too many tech startups rushing headlong into IPOs. On Money with Melissa Francis, Shah, along with Capitalist Pig Hedge Fund Manager Jonathan Hoenig, voiced their thoughts on the announcement that Zulily, a somewhat profitable flash deal site, has announced its plans to go public. This, following a similar announcement from Twitter earlier this year, has caused many investment professionals to wonder whether or not tech companies are being too quick to rush for IPOs.

As a tech startup investor, Shah has an interesting perspective on the issue at hand. While Hoenig stated he felt that this was a good thing and a natural outgrowth of capitalism, Shah disagreed. When host Melissa Francis asked whether this was a repeat of the tech startup bubble in 1999, Shah indicated that he thought it was.

“It’s definitely a repeat of 1999. If you look recently, we’ve heard of candy crush going public. Are you kidding me? A game like that going public out there? Yes, I am for capitalism as an investor, but there’s lots of risk in what Zulily is doing. I think there are better players out there that are going to be going public, like Square.”

Zulily and Twitter are considered high risk investments because they are posting little to no profits. Zulily had a profit of just over $2 million in the first half of the year. While these aren’t horrible numbers, they aren’t highly successful numbers either. Twitter is doing even worse, yet these tech startups are pushing for IPOs.

Zulily and Twitter aren’t the first tech startups to attempt to go public, and perhaps they should look at the successes, and failures, of their past counterparts. “They should learn from Groupon,” warns Shah. “If you look at Groupon, it’s a total bust.”

Hoenig, while he was happy to see these tech startups, indicated he would not be buying them for his clients. Shah indicated getting in on the secondary market may be a better choice for investors interested in investing in these start up companies.

The interview originally aired on October 9 and can be viewed here:

10 Years of Recruiting Evolution – What Will the Next 10 Bring?

10 Years of Recruiting Evolution – What Will the Next 10 Bring?

Recruiting Evolution

Recruiting Evolution

This September marks the 10th anniversary for Millennium Search. It was 2003, a year when Google was still private, and Facebook and Twitter were nowhere in sight. We were founded the same year as LinkedIn, when no one knew who they were. Now, they have become a true game changer for the recruiting industry, with every professional, company and recruiter maintaining a presence . Ten years ago, it was a world without iPhones, mobile apps and social networking sites. Back then, CRM/ERP, Security, Enterprise Applications, Data Warehousing/BI and Storage/Cloud Computing were all hot technologies. Today’s in-demand sectors are Mobile Apps, Gaming, SaaS, Consumer Internet, Social Networking, Big Data/Analytics and Cybersecurity. Over the past 10 years, we’ve enjoyed watching our clients go public, witnessed many M&A’s providing successful exits, and have helped thousands of people become millionaires along the way.

At Millennium Search, the mission is to remain boutique and provide a high caliber of service to our clients that is responsive, fast and efficient. In managing client searches, we will continue to use the latest recruiting techniques, combined with a base of old school values that build long-term relationships. On behalf of our candidate network, we will work even harder to vet out our clients to ensure they have a strong management team, sufficient cash flow, and the product and vision necessary to create successful companies with career opportunities, not just jobs. We’ve built a firm with the scope and expertise to fulfill the full range of talent needs specifically for today’s technology companies. We now offer results oriented solutions, whether retained or contingency, to fill executive positions as well as technical, marketing and sales roles. We are on the forefront of the latest technologies, working with hundreds of venture backed companies ranging from emerging technology startups to established household brands, with a reach spanning from the United States to groups out of Europe, India, China and Israel.

What will the next 10 years look like in the high-tech industry? We now live in an era of technology disruption, with the Internet of Things, Wearable Technologies, Drones, Driverless Cars and more. We essentially accomplish everything from our smartphones. Soon enough, we will replace a trip to the doctor’s office when we don’t feel well, using sensors to check and deliver vital signs through an app that allows for the instantaneous generation of an Rx. Already, you can get a ride, book your vacation, wire money, deposit a check, book a restaurant, buy tickets to the game, trade your stocks, buy a car, rent a car, find that long lost high school buddy,  gamble or video conference your family in Europe in real-time, all from your phone. It will be amazing to watch new, life changing companies emerge over the next 10 years, just as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have done these past 10 years.

We feel high-tech will remain strong well beyond the next 10 year stretch because of improved and continuous connectivity, and we will continue to be in the middle of it all. Thanks to everyone who has supported Millennium Search, from our Friends and Family to Clients and Candidates. And most importantly, a special thanks to the entire Millennium Search Team who works hard every day to consistently deliver best efforts with quality results – our future is bright!

Log Management Platform Loggly Retains Millennium Search

Log Management Platform Loggly Retains Millennium Search

Loggly Retains

Technology Focused Executive Search Firm Partners to Aid in Talent Acquisition


Loggly, the world’s most popular cloud-based log management service delivering application intelligence, is continuing to grow its team. The company has retained Millennium Search, an executive search firm for technology companies and startups, to aid in their talent acquisition efforts.

Based in San Francisco, Loggly is a startup providing a log management and data analysis SaaS platform. Loggly allows application developers and operations engineers to manage logs across multiple servers through a single cloud-based interface, without additional hardware or software to download. The platform allows for smooth application debugging, monitoring, troubleshooting and data analysis. Loggly is backed by Matrix Partners, True Ventures and Trinity Ventures.

“Delivering the world’s most popular cloud-based log management service requires A-team talent across the board, from engineering to user experience.  At Loggly, our focus is on log management and value to our customers,” stated Jim Nisbet, CTO and VP of Engineering, “So we partnered with Millennium Search to leverage their focus and efficiency on sourcing key talent acquisitions to ensure we can continue to our growth and improve our offerings rapidly.”

Loggly hired Millennium Search to aid in the search for a UX/UI developer role. Mark Cergol, Senior Executive Recruiter at Millennium Search, headed the search for the Loggly Account.

“Loggly has a great management team with a proven track record, a product that’s a leader in their space and strong VC backing,” says Amish Shah, CEO and founder of Millennium Search. “They match the three criteria that we look for in our early-mid stage clients, and are demonstrating success as a result.”

About Millennium Search

Millennium Search is dedicated to the ethical, rapid and successful placement of top-tiered talent in the high-tech sector around the world. It is our mission to provide a match that will result in success and growth for both the client and the candidate. Founded in 2003, The company works with venture backed startups in the Bay Area, the Northeast, and other startup hubs across the nation. To learn more about Millennium Search and its track record of successful placements for technology companies, visit www.msearchllc.com.

Big Data Analytics Startup Serendipity Retains Millennium Search

Big Data Analytics Startup Serendipity Retains Millennium Search


Palo Alto Based Data Company Partners with Technology Recruiting Firm to Expand Team

Serendipity, a data analytics startup in the Bay Area, is expanding its team. The company has partnered with Millennium Search, an executive recruiting firm for software startups, to jump-start their recruiting efforts.

Serendipity is a big data analytics company aimed at removing the need for data scientists from the analysis of large data sets. Currently in stealth, the Palo Alto based company hopes to put the power of data in the hands of users, and create a platform that successfully ‘consumerizes analytics.’ With a focus on a strong user interface and a simplified visualization of analyzed data, Serendipity will allow the everyday user to garner the powerful insights that large data sets provide.


Mare Lucas is COO of Serendipity, and is also CMO of GCE Cloud, the parent company of the data analytics startup.

“We’ve all seen the explosion of innovation in the consumer space – from mobile applications that deliver incredible user experiences through new devices that we can wear,” says Lucas.  “ It’s time we look to reinvent the enterprise – and Serendipity is helping to lead that charge.”

“Data analytics is a space that is growing rapidly right now,” says Amish Shah, CEO and founder of Millennium Search. “Mare and her team are working hard to build what I am confident will be a top company in the space. We are excited to be working with them.”

Serendipity partnered with Millennium Search, a technology recruiting firm focused on growing software companies, to help jumpstart their recruiting efforts. Serendipity is ramping up the development of their product for launch, and brought on Millennium Search to help scale their development team. Prior to partnering with the data analytics startup, Millennium Search was retained to fill key positions at Serendipity’s parent company, GCE Cloud.

“It sounds like a cliche, but when you are in a startup, you are pushing everyday to get to that first version. You can’t absorb latency anywhere in your process. Millennium Search gets that and moves at my pace; maybe faster,“ says Lucas about  Millennium Search. “From the quick response to my initial inquiry, to the professionalism of the recruiting team, they’ve helped me scale up my team at the speed I need. Their grasp of the technology space clearly comes across in the quality and fit of the candidates that they source.”

“Mare is a true professional,” says Shah. “She knows what she needs, and pulls the trigger quickly for the right candidates. In this market for top talent, you have to move fast with people. Mare and her team at Serendipity understand that well.”

About Millennium Search

Millennium Search is an executive recruiting firm for emerging and high growth technology companies. Based in Charlotte, NC, the firm has offices in San Francisco, New York City, Boston and Atlanta, They have a consistent track record of success placing top performers at startups backed by top venture capital firms.

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