Top 5 Ways To Get Found By Recruiters On LinkedIn

For recruiters today, social media sites like LinkedIn offer a new way to find the ideal candidates for our clients. LinkedIn is a great way to make your resume interactive. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn gives you the chance to highlight your professional experience while growing your network.

Recruiters, hired by your “dream company,” are on LinkedIn all day looking for people to fill positions! Help make it easy for recruiters to find you by enhancing your profile with these top five ways to get found by recruiters on LinkedIn.

1-Beef Up Your Summary

Your summary will serve as a cover letter to a potential recruiter or employer. This section allows you to brag about yourself. Give your background and what you want to achieve. Recruiters will go here first to get a glimpse of who you are. Use keywords to make it easy to find you. For example, if you are a marketing professional, use industry buzzwords like “SEO,” “SEM,” “AdWords,” “Branding,” etc. If you have certifications, fit them into this category as they may be keywords that a recruiter is searching for specifically. You should also repeat these in the Skills section.

2-Include A Complete Resume

Having a current resume on your profile allows recruiters to look through your experiences and education without needing to contact you. Offering a resume as an optional download makes you stand out as well. Fill your resume with keywords for the position you are looking for, and make sure your job titles and lengths at each position are clearly listed. If there are any gaps, try to fill them with relevant projects (e.g., March-June 2008: Continued Studies).

3-Get Recommendations

Ask for recommendations from a few of your past and current clients, colleagues or direct supervisors. Having these “public” references gives you the opportunity to highlight consistent work talents and ethics and to display your ability to build professional relationships. For example, if organization and timeliness are consistent strengths, an Interviewer will glean this insight from multiple references. It’s a chance to shine! Quick Tip: If you plan to use these recommendations as references when actively applying for a job, it is a good idea to reconnect with these contacts and give them notice that they may be contacted by John Smith with SoAndSoCo so that they are not completely caught off guard.

4-Include Your Contact Information

If you are actively looking for a job, provide a method of contact. Every day that goes by trying to contact you is a day someone else is ahead of you for the job. Provide several ways for recruiters and potential employers to get in touch with you, and actively check and respond to any messages.

5-Use a Professional Picture

Including a profile picture is important. Remember, this is not Facebook. Your profile picture should be professional. It is best to use a head shot you’d be comfortable sharing with your boss. Profile pictures make you stand out and show effort: they are an important part of profile completion.

Link In, Update Your Profile And Stand Out

When looking for a new job, use your LinkedIn profile as a tool to land your dream job. Don’t get overlooked with an incomplete profile. Use these five tips to stand out among the crowd and watch your career opportunities open up!

Are You Hiring A Players?

Most companies start small, with a few people wearing multiple hats. But as companies start to grow, they need new talent to fulfill responsibilities that can no longer be handled by only a few people. While growth is exciting, it can blind a hiring manager and completely rob the company of future success. Key hires are essential to continuing an organization’s growth and success. You need A players.

These A players often get lost when companies rush to fill roles. This is likely the mistake of nearly every mid-sized company that fails. In an effort to continue growth, managers make the mistake of thinking that hiring more people—rather than the right people—will lead to effective company growth. Often times, less is more.

An A player is described by Dr. Bradford Smart—in his book Topgrading —as someone in the top 10% of skill in their compensation range. He mentions that A players can be found in any pay range, so don’t assume you cannot afford A players.

In order to hire A players, look for people—whether already inside your organization or candidates applying for a position—who can create focused, collaborative and results-driven teams. These people facilitate creativeness in others, relay a strategically sound vision and work at an extremely high energy level. The best part of an A player is that they hire other A players when placed in a management position.

By hiring A players , you are establishing a positive and sustainable impact on the work environment inside your organization, which will soon reflect outwardly. By not settling for C players or even B players, your current employees will start to take notice. Those who are not quite yet A players, will either step it up or find other opportunities. Smart hiring challenges employers to take a long-term success approach and this starts with the team that makes your company run.

Of course, hiring A players, takes time and effort. A small company or even some mid-sized companies may not be able to spend such a concentrated effort on finding these A players to help solidify their companies future success. Many of these companies do take advantage of working with recruiters whose job is to find A players.

Hiring a recruiting agency to focus on this very important task could be an option. If you are concerned with this idea because of cost, just consider the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on one mis-hire and the long term effects it will have on your organization. These agencies know where the A players are and can weed out the candidates who will not better your organization in the long run.

When a company is only as successful as the people who are inside it, doesn’t it just make sense to only hire A players?

Do’s and Don’ts for LinkedIn Profiles

One of the main ways recruiters and potential employers can find you is using LinkedIn. By setting up your profile accurately and completely, you can improve your chances of being noticed. Even if you are not actively searching for a job, using your profile to showcase your skills and expertise well allows recruiters to find you and present lucrative networking opportunities you otherwise may never know about.

As you set up your LinkedIn profile, make sure it is complete. The more you add to your profile, the higher in Google it will appear. The more information a recruiter has at the beginning, the more efficient the search for a fitting candidate will be. Include all awards, employment and education information, as well as references.

The “Specialties” box is an important place to put keywords that will help you be found in a LinkedIn search. Include terms here that apply to your roles and capabilities. Use as many as possible, but be sure they match your true skills and interests.

Do change your profile every time you have a promotion or make a job change, even if you are staying in the same company. Recruiters are interested in seeing these changes, and they are also vital to letting people know where you are if they want to contact you for a new position.


One of the worst things you can do on LinkedIn is blocking incoming emails. Yes, you probably hate spam—but this could prevent an interested recruiter from contacting you. Set up your profile so you can accept incoming communication from fellow LinkedIn users. If you do receive communication from a recruiter that you are not interested in following, consider referring a qualified friend.

Don’t ignore the summary section as you set up your LinkedIn account. This space gives you 2,000 characters to tell people a little more about yourself. Use this to capitalize on the assets you bring to the table that you want people to notice. Break the information into readable sections to create some white space, but use as many of those 2,000 characters as you can, including web-friendly keywords as you do.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is all about keeping yourself visible. When you are finished creating it, look at it with a critical eye, and ensure that it says exactly what you want and need it to say about your background and your skills.

Work With A Top Recruiter To Land Hot and “Hidden” Jobs

Work With A Top Recruiter

When you work with a top recruiter, it’s good to be ready with a resume and let them know what your “ideal situation” is. A good recruiter should have strong enough relationships to get you through the door whether you’re looking or not. If you’re passively looking, then tell the recruiter about the specific opportunities you want to hear about so you don’t waste each other’s time.

The Goal Is To Get Multiple Offers

You should try and interview in as many places as possible. The recruiter should act as a career coach and help set the table for you.

The goal is to get as many offers as possible, so you can sit down with your family and decide what direction is best for your career. This is the ideal strategy, since you never know until you complete an interview process if you will get an offer. Until you have a written offer, you have nothing!

Too many people think they should not interview for a particular position. But until you speak to the manager of the company, you have no idea if the chemistry is good. You can also use that time to learn more about the position with the guidance of the recruiter who is working to prepare you.

Recruiters Have Ways To Get You Through The Door

At Millennium Search, we have deep, long-term relationships to get you to the right
decision makers and get you placed within hot companies. The best jobs are often not posted on the Internet. A lot of times if you’re an “A-player,” companies will create a role for you. You will never get a shot if your recruiter doesn’t have the relationships at the high level to make it happen.

Just as you have your doctor, lawyer and accountant on speed dial, make sure you have your “Top Gun” recruiter in your phone and ready if you want to hear what’s out there! Better yet, if they are connected like we are here at Millennium Search, then check in with them every few months to stay close to the market and be ready to seize the opportunity to land your ideal position.

How to Increase Your Worth to Potential Employers

Worth to Potential Employers

Increase your worth to potential employers whether you are actively seeking a new position or are simply putting your name out there to see what may be available, there are steps you can take now to increase your worth in the eyes of potential new employers. These steps will prevent you from selling yourself short when the compensation offer or question is broached, ensuring you receive what your skills and expertise deserve.

Work With a Recruiter

The nation’s top corporations hire recruiters (like Millennium Search!) to find the best candidates in the industry. Working with a recruiter can instantly increase your worth in the eyes of a potential employer, because the employer knows when your information comes across the desk that you have been screened and specifically selected from an elite few. We also work closely with interested applicants in helping them negotiate their pay package once a company has expressed interest.

Showcase Skills with Stories

You have not gotten to this point in your career without many successes that capitalize on your skills. Make the most of this when talking with your recruiter or a potential employer. Use success stories to showcase your skills, rather than simply listing or stating them. Begin by outlining a challenge set before you, then tell how you used your skillset to approach the problem, and finally end with the benefit to your employer. Stories allow a potential employer to view their company as the beneficiary of your unique skillset.

Prepare In Advance To Negotiate

Have a compensation range in mind before you begin interviewing. If you know you are qualified for a position and have value to offer to the employer, you may feel the compensation package is not what you want. However, you must always look at the entire package, including the equity. A slightly smaller salary combined with better benefits and more equity in a promising company may be more valuable in the future. Again, this is where a recruiter can be invaluable in framing the negotiations.

Focus on Your Value to the Employer

As a recruiter, we work with candidates to help them present well at an interview. At your interview, be positive and confident. When asked why you want the position, focus on how you can help the company. Answer every question by showing how you will improve the company’s situation. By doing this, you will not only position yourself to win the role, but also to receive the highest possible compensation.

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