Dress for Success Interviewing Tips for Women

Interviewing Tips for Women

Interviewing Tips for Women

When you walk into an interview, the hiring manager will begin making an opinion about you before you utter a single word. Your outfit will play a significant role in that opinion, and one way to ensure that your interview goes as well as possible is to don the right apparel.

The business suit is the go-to outfit for women who are headed to an interview. Choose a skirt suit because it is considered more formal, even if you will likely wear pantsuits if you land the position. Dark gray, black, or navy blue is the appropriate color. Avoid patterns, as these are considered too flashy and draw the wrong kind of attention. Have the suit tailored so it fits well. Your jacket should be easily buttoned without pulling, and your skirt should reach your knees when you sit, which you will likely do during your interview.

Choose a blouse out of a natural fabric in white or a light tone. You can add color by accessorizing with modest jewelry or a lapel pin. Your shoes should be the same color as your suit or one shade darker. The heel should be no more than two inches high, and shorter if you are already a tall woman. Wear neutral colored stockings or hose that match your skin tone and consider packing a spare pair in your purse in case you have a run before your interview. Belts should be leather style and have a simple buckle. The color should be the same as your shoes.

It is acceptable and probably expected, for you to carry a purse. However, do not invest in a large bag like those you might take shopping. Instead, purchase a small, plain purse that matches your shoes and belt.

Style your hair so it is out of the way and not distracting. It should look neat and tidy, but if you have very long hair, consider pulling it back. Apply light, natural looking makeup and choose a light or clear nail color. Have your nails clean and manicured before your interview so they do not stand out. Finally, avoid donning too much perfume. What smells good to you may not smell good to your interviewer, and the room where you will have your interview is likely small and confined.

Dressing well for an interview does not have to be difficult if you know what to do. By keeping these tips in mind, you can put yourself in the best position to land that next new position.

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