Go Social, Resumes Are A Thing Of The Past

Resumes Are A Thing Of The Past

Resumes are a thing of the past — and not the future. What’s important now and in the future is what you’re doing online. With the amount of competition in the job market, it is essential to use every tool available. By using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Quora, you have the opportunity to gain an edge on your competition.

Resumes show what you have done, while your activity on social media sites show what you are doing. Not only does it show what you are doing, but it shows your expertise and passion for your industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the key takeaways:

Get Social!


Today, 80 percent of companies use LinkedIn to find and screen potential candidates. LinkedIn offers an employer an in-depth look at an individual. With one click, a hiring manager or executive recruiter can see your skills, education and work experience. This can instantly qualify or disqualify you for a job. Top recruiters are looking though profiles every day to find the perfect person for each position.


While still remaining a personal networking site, more and more recruiters are moving to Facebook. What you do on Facebook gives people an idea of your personality and professionalism. What’s more, apps like Branchout are enhancing Facebook’s stronghold as the best overall place for online professional networking.


Instead of writing on a resume that you are an industry expert, show them with your tweets. Tweet about industry related topics and give your opinion.


If you are not on Quora, get on it! Quora is a Q&A website. Follow topics that you are interested in and give your opinions. If you are a PR person and there is a question about how would you handle a crisis, answer it thoughtfully. Good answers will grow your network, and potential employers will see you as knowledgeable in your field.

Get Creative!

Consider creating an infographic resume. Infographic resumes are visually appealing and allow employers to visualize a candidate’s career history, skills and education. It is important to understand that substance triumphs over style and the “info” should never be overtaken by the “graphic.”

Create an online portfolio. This way a potential employer or recruiter can see your work by clicking on a link. Create a video resume and upload it to YouTube; this will shows your creative side and is more interesting than just words on a page or screen.

Get Going!

Now more than ever, it is imperative for job seekers to reconsider their traditional paper resumes and build their professional online presences. If you are not using these tools, it shows employers you are behind the times.

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