Hiring for Tech Companies: 5 Predictions for 2015

Hiring for Tech Companies

Hiring for Tech Companies

We spend a lot of time at the forefront of the technology and startup communities. Every year brings new trends, obstacles and changes to the world of human resources, with 2015 promising to be both an exciting and challenging year. We’ve listed some of our predictions for tech startup hiring in 2015 below.

1. The Decline of The Resume Will Continue
Companies continue to look for new ways to recruit, new ways to evaluate people and new ways to hire. And if there is one thing that founders, hiring managers and recruiters agree on, it’s that the resume is little more than an entry point for candidates. Even as an entry point, the game is changing. Portfolios, projects, personal websites and LinkedIn profiles are the resumes of today. It would be a surprise if the resume was still a necessity in 10 years.

2. Tech Positions Will Be The Hardest to Fill
Finding capable, passionate and available tech talent has been a pain point for early ventures (and established ones) for quite some time now. The war for talent is the result of many factors and market conditions. Regardless of the causes, the trend is pegged to continue. There are many shifts taking place in education and self-directed learning resources, and salaries continue to increase in an effort to attract talent, but many of these initiatives have yet to create a significant impact on increasing the supply of talent. We may soon see a day where technical professionals are readily available, but for now the tight market continues.

3. More Talent Will Start Their Own Companies Rather Than Join Another
The media in 2014 was full of stories about new companies, innovative technologies, VC fundings and tech IPOs. And with the availability of resources for new entrepreneurs and the hip factor of being an entrepreneur today, more and more people are shifting from working at a startup venture to starting their own instead. This shift will continue to squeeze the talent market thin, making it more difficult to locate and secure talent willing to work in a tech startup environment.

4. Data Scientist Will Be The Job of The Year
The data scientist may very well be the next battle waged in the war for talent. A unique blend of skills and experience, the data scientist must be a programmer, analyst and subject matter expert all in one. Finding the mathematics skills is one thing, but finding professionals who can take those skills and apply them to organization-specific data and uncover valuable insights is another ball game altogether. Yet the value of the right person in this role is undeniable for most organizations. The data scientist may very well become a necessary staple of every company in the near future.

5. Talent Acquisition Spend Will See Its Highest Year Ever
Human resources departments, internal recruiters and executive search firms are going to work harder than ever to produce results. The demand for talent continues to increase, and the pace of growth for the pool of available talent continues to lag behind the growth in demand. More dollars must be spent, more incentives offered and more creative strategies deployed in order to secure the right people.

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