How to Increase Your Worth to Potential Employers

Worth to Potential Employers

Increase your worth to potential employers whether you are actively seeking a new position or are simply putting your name out there to see what may be available, there are steps you can take now to increase your worth in the eyes of potential new employers. These steps will prevent you from selling yourself short when the compensation offer or question is broached, ensuring you receive what your skills and expertise deserve.

Work With a Recruiter

The nation’s top corporations hire recruiters (like Millennium Search!) to find the best candidates in the industry. Working with a recruiter can instantly increase your worth in the eyes of a potential employer, because the employer knows when your information comes across the desk that you have been screened and specifically selected from an elite few. We also work closely with interested applicants in helping them negotiate their pay package once a company has expressed interest.

Showcase Skills with Stories

You have not gotten to this point in your career without many successes that capitalize on your skills. Make the most of this when talking with your recruiter or a potential employer. Use success stories to showcase your skills, rather than simply listing or stating them. Begin by outlining a challenge set before you, then tell how you used your skillset to approach the problem, and finally end with the benefit to your employer. Stories allow a potential employer to view their company as the beneficiary of your unique skillset.

Prepare In Advance To Negotiate

Have a compensation range in mind before you begin interviewing. If you know you are qualified for a position and have value to offer to the employer, you may feel the compensation package is not what you want. However, you must always look at the entire package, including the equity. A slightly smaller salary combined with better benefits and more equity in a promising company may be more valuable in the future. Again, this is where a recruiter can be invaluable in framing the negotiations.

Focus on Your Value to the Employer

As a recruiter, we work with candidates to help them present well at an interview. At your interview, be positive and confident. When asked why you want the position, focus on how you can help the company. Answer every question by showing how you will improve the company’s situation. By doing this, you will not only position yourself to win the role, but also to receive the highest possible compensation.

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