Perfecting Your Personal Elevator Pitch

Personal Elevator Pitch

You’re on the job prowl and your competition has the same or similar qualifications and credentials as you…so how do you stand out? The ability to quickly market yourself to potential employers is key in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Can you sell yourself in less than two minutes?
The personal elevator pitch was so named because a successful pitch should never last longer than 60 seconds, the average length of an elevator ride in New York City. Elevators move fast and attention spans are short. So whether a meeting is planned or spontaneous, you need to be prepared to quickly and easily explain who you are and to capture their interest.

To make a great first impression in any professional setting, develop and practice your self-introduction.

  • Have a clear message and goal. You do not need to share your life story, but highlight a few key milestones from your experience or work outcomes. While most people do not remember exact figures, statistics will make an impression.
  • Focus on your audience. Be prepared to tailor your message to best suit the person/people you find yourself speaking with. Highlight your skills that best fit their industry – not necessarily your standard go-to milestones.
  • Be sincere. You want to come across as naturally likeable, not creepy, desperate or unprepared.
  • Smile. It makes a positive impression and will help you relax at the same time.
  • Make direct eye contact and speak clearly. Showing your ability to stay cool under pressure goes a long way to proving you can handle that high stakes job you’re aiming for.

Making the most out of a short period of time could be all you need to gain a job lead. If your personal elevator pitch is successful, the person you are speaking with will be asking to exchange contact information in a matter of minutes.

Congratulations! Your next step is to follow up.

Stay tuned to the Millennium Search blog to learn how to follow up on a successful elevator pitch.

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