Pre-Interview Tips For Success

Pre-Interview Tips

Pre-interview tips and behavior can actually set the stage for a positive or negative interview experience. Taking the time to think about how you will behave as you arrive at the location and wait for your interview is an important step in the overall interview process.

Before You Leave

Before you leave for an interview, make sure you have eaten sufficiently and are well hydrated. You will need to be able to concentrate during the interview, and proper nutrition is important. This is not the morning to skip breakfast or the day to skip lunch.


You know you need to arrive on time for the interview, but plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. This gives you time to settle your mind, check your appearance, and get to know your environment. Rushing into an interview will leave you flustered and physically flushed.


While you wait for your interview, you will meet people who work in the company. For instance, you will likely greet a receptionist when you arrive at the location, and someone other than your interviewer may walk you back to the interview room. Always present a firm handshake and genuine smile, and strive to remember people’s names and thank them by name when you leave them. This will show the interviewer that you are attentive to detail and have the people-pleasing personality to thrive in the sales business.

Small Talk

When you face the walk from the waiting area to the interview room, engage the individual in small talk. You do not want an awkward silence, nor do you want to leave the burden of communication on the other individual. Comment on the view or the artwork at the office to initiate a conversation.

Calm Your Nerves

If you find yourself nervous about the interview, use the moments while you wait to practice deep breathing or positive thinking to calm your nerves. You would not have gotten this far in the process if you were not qualified for the position, so remind yourself of your past successes. You can also massage the pressure point in the middle of your hand, which promotes relaxation.

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