Recruiting Passive Job Seekers: Creating A Plan Of Attack

Recruiting Passive Job Seekers

Recruiting Passive Job Seekers

If you are in the market today for quality employees, your chances of success are slim if your company isn’t seeking out passive talent. There are simply too many companies with too many openings and not enough candidates actively seeking employment in the technology industry to rely on inbound resumes. Every company today must be recruiting passive job seekers, but approaching this strategy is not something to jump into unprepared. Creating a plan of attack is key to winning the battle.

Define Your Job Parameters

It would seem like an intuitive step, but many companies begin looking for candidates before ever clearly defining the company’s needs. Everything from the job function to the focus and scope of work will have an impact on how you recruit. If the work is outside of your company’s existing knowledge base, it can be difficult to understand what you need. Get help from advisors, former founders, investors and recruiters if you have difficulty describing the role in question. Clarity around the job will reveal the attributes of your ideal candidate.

Find and Research the Right Channels

Once you have a clear definition around the job and the ideal candidate, determine what channels to approach for sourcing candidates. Although mostly dominated by online activity nowadays, there are still valuable offline resources to consider too. Mainstream tools like LinkedIn and Indeed are on the table, but consider digging in and locating industry and function-specific locations for your sourcing of the right people, whether on a career-focused platform or not. Any place, from professional and career sites, to technical forums and membership sites, to local meetups and groups can be considered sources, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Plan Your Pitch

Based on the ideal candidate and your sourcing locations, craft a motivating sales pitch. In recruiting, when you approach recruiting passive job seekers with nothing more than a job description and a handful of details, it is a recipe for failure. Remember, you are speaking to professionals in a market with high demand for their profile, who most likely have a good, stable job and an ocean of options to choose from should they decide to go fishing. You need a compelling case to present to prospects and an effective pitch strategy. Conversations must be massaged, and a well-reasoned argument must be made for them to consider jumping ship for both your company and the role at hand.

Create an Effective Offering

You can define the role to a T, spend weeks looking through websites, make calls and attend meetups, and deliver the perfect pitch to everyone you find. But when it comes time to make an offer, delivering anything subpar to potential hires, and passive canidates especially, will generally leave you with an unfilled position. Define the ideal candidate, and then research the compensation that correlates with that caliber of talent. If the price is over budget, you may need to take a look at your parameters and drill into the core non-negotiables. But delivering below market offerings to passive candidates of interest just won’t fly like it could with actively seeking professionals.

Engage Your Target

Once you have crafted your plan of attack, it’s time to execute. It may take weeks or even months to find the right person, but if executed well and with the right time and consideration, you will find the right person for the job.
Experienced recruiters have been through this process hundreds, if not thousands, of times, and have overcome the same roadblocks and mistakes that you will inevitably encounter. Partnering with a top executive recruiting firm can help you navigate the waters of talent sourcing and acquisition, increasing your chances of making a great hire exponentially. If your company is ready to find the top talent it needs, speak with us today about the hundreds of startups and technology companies we’ve helped find the right people for the job. We’re battle ready, here to help you win the war for talent.

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