The Value of a Recruiter… I Mean, Besides Recruiting.

Value of a Recruiter

Value of a Recruiter

Executive Recruiters are a valuable resource for today’s startup. With the level of startup competition and the demand for today’s top performers, getting the right recruiter on your side can make a huge impact. But many startups do not leverage all that they can from their recruiting partners. Because of the nature of their work, a recruiter’s value goes much further than acquiring talent, as important as that is. In fact, working with the right recruiter can open the door to a wealth of information, years of experience and observation, and a vast network that reaches beyond potential employees.

So what can recruiters do? You know, I mean besides recruiting?

Recruiters Are A Source of Market Intelligence

Every month, executive recruiters speak with hundreds of professionals, from prospects and candidates, to founders, managers and HR professionals. Recruiters are constantly collecting data, adjusting their search parameters, and analyzing conditions in an effort to find the right people for clients. They are at the front lines, keeping an ear out for the word on the street. The resulting information is extremely valuable for effective recruiters, and helps them advise clients, manage expectations, and present realistic options. But its value also extends beyond talent acquisition.

So what kind of data can a recruiter provide? Salary data, of course, but we also collect data points around the market supply and demand for talent. Along with this information, recruiters keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry, and keep a close eye on the emergence of new sectors and the decline of established ones. They stay up to date on new technologies and innovations in an effort to determine their impact on their clients. And let’s not forget the information collected around fund raising and investing. Top talent will demonstrate an interest in this type of information when considering opportunities, making it necessary information for recruiters to collect. The application of this data can be broad, impactful and valuable to today’s startups.

Recruiters Can Advise on Business Planning and Scaling

Along with the collection of this data, startup focused recruiters have worked with companies from their very beginnings, and have seen them grow from conception to profitability. They have also seen them make mistakes, fail to act, and ultimately fizzle out and die. Some companies have tried to scale too fast, and others did not try fast enough. There are hundreds of factors that come into play when building and growing an emerging company, and a thousand mistakes that can cause that company to fail. Startup focused recruiters have been integrated into the strategies of these companies, and have a unique perspective to offer these organizations on what works, what doesn’t and what can make or break a startup.

What can recruiters advise your company on? They can help you organize your team efficiently. They can help you create and define new roles within your company, and give you realistic expectations. They can advise you on scaling your company, and help you determine what you really need at a given time. And beyond building your team, recruiters can offer experience-backed advice on product development, attracting funding, branding your startup, and so on. Search professionals can do this because the acquisition of top talent so often requires significant integration with companies with which they partner, and have been privy to the actions, successes and challenges across multiple organizations.

Recruiters Maintain a Vast Network Beyond Top Talent

Recruiters connect the right people with the right people for a living. Yes, they have an extensive network of top talent across several industries, sectors and geographies, and they utilize this network to get clients the right person for the job. But their conversations are far from limited to just potential candidates. When recruiting top talent, you talk to people to find people. You speak with founders, investors, advisors, analysts, managers, HR pros, and the list goes on. These relationships are a valuable asset to search firms, and are essential to keeping their candidate network up to date.

I don’t think I need to explain the value of these relationships. For starters, I have never met a startup who wasn’t concerned about funding early on. So any VC or investor relationship is of high value. Startups also spend a great deal of time locating advisors with the right backgrounds, expertise and experience. And of course, they have a great network of top talent. You know, just in case you are hiring and were curious about the value of a recruiter.

The Millennium Search team is a diverse group of seasoned executive recruiters. With a focus on technology recruiting, our team has worked with hundreds of successful startups, and has witnessed both successes and failures in the technology industry. We help top startups with VC backing find the talent they need, serving them as a trusted partner in both recruiting and growth. Speak with us today about your needs, whether recruiting or otherwise!

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