Top 5 Ways To Get Found By Recruiters On LinkedIn

For recruiters today, social media sites like LinkedIn offer a new way to find the ideal candidates for our clients. LinkedIn is a great way to make your resume interactive. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn gives you the chance to highlight your professional experience while growing your network.

Recruiters, hired by your “dream company,” are on LinkedIn all day looking for people to fill positions! Help make it easy for recruiters to find you by enhancing your profile with these top five ways to get found by recruiters on LinkedIn.

1-Beef Up Your Summary

Your summary will serve as a cover letter to a potential recruiter or employer. This section allows you to brag about yourself. Give your background and what you want to achieve. Recruiters will go here first to get a glimpse of who you are. Use keywords to make it easy to find you. For example, if you are a marketing professional, use industry buzzwords like “SEO,” “SEM,” “AdWords,” “Branding,” etc. If you have certifications, fit them into this category as they may be keywords that a recruiter is searching for specifically. You should also repeat these in the Skills section.

2-Include A Complete Resume

Having a current resume on your profile allows recruiters to look through your experiences and education without needing to contact you. Offering a resume as an optional download makes you stand out as well. Fill your resume with keywords for the position you are looking for, and make sure your job titles and lengths at each position are clearly listed. If there are any gaps, try to fill them with relevant projects (e.g., March-June 2008: Continued Studies).

3-Get Recommendations

Ask for recommendations from a few of your past and current clients, colleagues or direct supervisors. Having these “public” references gives you the opportunity to highlight consistent work talents and ethics and to display your ability to build professional relationships. For example, if organization and timeliness are consistent strengths, an Interviewer will glean this insight from multiple references. It’s a chance to shine! Quick Tip: If you plan to use these recommendations as references when actively applying for a job, it is a good idea to reconnect with these contacts and give them notice that they may be contacted by John Smith with SoAndSoCo so that they are not completely caught off guard.

4-Include Your Contact Information

If you are actively looking for a job, provide a method of contact. Every day that goes by trying to contact you is a day someone else is ahead of you for the job. Provide several ways for recruiters and potential employers to get in touch with you, and actively check and respond to any messages.

5-Use a Professional Picture

Including a profile picture is important. Remember, this is not Facebook. Your profile picture should be professional. It is best to use a head shot you’d be comfortable sharing with your boss. Profile pictures make you stand out and show effort: they are an important part of profile completion.

Link In, Update Your Profile And Stand Out

When looking for a new job, use your LinkedIn profile as a tool to land your dream job. Don’t get overlooked with an incomplete profile. Use these five tips to stand out among the crowd and watch your career opportunities open up!

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