Use Social Media To Fill Your Positions

Social Media To Fill Your Positions

If you are a recruiter in 2012 then you know the impact social media has had on the industry. It is now easier to find and qualify candidates without picking up the phone. Social media has revolutionized the way recruiters find passive candidates.

According to an infographic on, companies are going to fill 80 percent of jobs through social media in 2012. Using social media to find candidates not only saves money, but it allows you to get specific and extremely targeted.

Here are some simple tips on how to fill your open positions using the top three social media networks:


  • The advance search in LinkedIn is great. Narrow your search using specific keywords, locations and job titles, allowing you to find both active and passive candidates.
  • Members have their resumes and references on their profile. Use this to your advantage to help pre-qualify candidates.
  • If a LinkedIn member has a premium account, they are able to note they are looking for a job, making them easier for you to find (a briefcase will appear by a person’s name).


  • Actionable content leads to discussions. Post this and get people interacting on your page, bringing the candidates to you.
  • Take advantage of sourcing from the largest pool within all social networks. Using job boards such as will connect with Facebook and post your job openings.
  • Search BranchOut. BranchOut is a new addition to Facebook that acts as a resume for users. Each user gets a score based on education, network and job history.


  • Keep your tweets short, simple and to the point. With 140 characters you don’t have time to add fluff.
  • People that are looking for jobs follow hashtags (#). Strategically use these with the job you are looking for, i.e. #javadeveloper.
  • Use applications such as tweetadder or followerwonk to build and expand your follower list by finding members with job specific wording in their bios.
  • Create strategic lists to stay updated on potential candidates, competitors and industry news.
  • Use services like Jobvite or TweetMyJobs. These will automatically post your jobs to specific targeted Twitter audiences.

Use these tips to find, qualify and place talent through your social media networks and watch your searches turn into placements.

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