Visibility for Your Job Openings


Visibility for Job Openings

Your product must be visible to the marketplace of potential customers before it can ever generate users. The same goes for your job openings. Without proper visibility in the talent marketplace, your opening are left unread and unfilled. It may seem difficult to get job openings seen by the right talent, especially as a bootstrapped early stage company, but there are plenty of ways for your jobs to gain more attention, get more reads and attract more candidates.

Your Company’s Marketing

Marketing delivers more than customers. Any efforts to gain exposure for your company will also put your brand in front of potential talent. Granted, your company will be one within a sea of many, all with talent needs, but if your company can differentiate itself well, good marketing combined with a sexy product can get you noticed by passive and active seekers.

Your Own Network

When seeking employees within your own network, it is important to be cautious and set aside personal associations and feelings. That being said, your network can be a great place to get the word out about job openings and introductions to the talent you seek.

Current Employees

Your employees, both present and past, can be your greatest asset in getting exposure for your job openings. Not only should they be great supporters and advocates, but they are also most likely to be connected with the kind of professionals you need.

The Talent Community

Getting your job opening in front of active job seekers is easier than ever nowadays. From the number of free and inexpensive online job boards to sites like Craigslist and AngelList, the options for putting your openings in front of people are numerous.

Investors and Advisors

Your investors and advisors, especially VC firms, have a big incentive to help you grow your company, and at this stage of the game, growth means hiring. Some are better equipped than others, but most will be willing to help in some way.

Recruiters, Internal and External

For early stage companies, recruiters are your best resource for having your job openings seen by the right people. They will provide the right exposure for your openings and, if you find the right recruiters to work with, they can also act as a great barrier to keep back the wrong audiences. The key, of course, is finding high-quality executive recruiters.

Visibility for job openings is critical, but only a small step towards getting the talent you need. If you are in the market to hire, contact us today to find the right people for your company.

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