Work With A Top Recruiter To Land Hot and “Hidden” Jobs

Work With A Top Recruiter

When you work with a top recruiter, it’s good to be ready with a resume and let them know what your “ideal situation” is. A good recruiter should have strong enough relationships to get you through the door whether you’re looking or not. If you’re passively looking, then tell the recruiter about the specific opportunities you want to hear about so you don’t waste each other’s time.

The Goal Is To Get Multiple Offers

You should try and interview in as many places as possible. The recruiter should act as a career coach and help set the table for you.

The goal is to get as many offers as possible, so you can sit down with your family and decide what direction is best for your career. This is the ideal strategy, since you never know until you complete an interview process if you will get an offer. Until you have a written offer, you have nothing!

Too many people think they should not interview for a particular position. But until you speak to the manager of the company, you have no idea if the chemistry is good. You can also use that time to learn more about the position with the guidance of the recruiter who is working to prepare you.

Recruiters Have Ways To Get You Through The Door

At Millennium Search, we have deep, long-term relationships to get you to the right
decision makers and get you placed within hot companies. The best jobs are often not posted on the Internet. A lot of times if you’re an “A-player,” companies will create a role for you. You will never get a shot if your recruiter doesn’t have the relationships at the high level to make it happen.

Just as you have your doctor, lawyer and accountant on speed dial, make sure you have your “Top Gun” recruiter in your phone and ready if you want to hear what’s out there! Better yet, if they are connected like we are here at Millennium Search, then check in with them every few months to stay close to the market and be ready to seize the opportunity to land your ideal position.

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