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For Employers

In a competitive and fast-paced war for talent, Millennium Search is dedicated to finding you the right professionals for your needs and scaling your business and technology teams to drive growth and success for your company. As the premier executive search firm for emerging and high growth technology companies, we provide you access to the experience, tools and network that you need to scale your workforce. Our team of executive recruiters is highly developed, passionate and focused. With decades of experience locating and placing the industry's top performers, we access multiple sourcing channels and networks while employing advanced targeting strategies and a thorough qualifying process. As a boutique firm, we work with a startup mentality, offering you the same responsiveness, efficiency and agility that are essential within your own company. Our tailored approach to executive recruiting produces the results that you demand. From the executive level down to business, technical, marketing and sales contributors, our track record demonstrates what we can achieve for you. Partner with us today, and find out how we can take your search for the right talent to the next level.

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Who We Are

Millennium Search is the premier executive search firm and trusted hiring partner for emerging and high growth technology startups and companies. For over 10 years, we have operated as a boutique team of recruiting professionals, driving success and growth through strategic and effective talent acquisition for growing technology companies and their venture capital investors.

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Our Focus

We are heavily focused on organizations within the growing technology sector. We partner with venture backed companies during their critical times of growth, when every hire has a direct impact on the future of the company. Our focus includes executive roles, as well as building technical, design, sales, marketing and business teams for emerging organizations.

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Search Process

Our team takes an integrated approach to executive search, partnering closely with our technology clients to understand the scope and specifics of the position, the company, and the marketplace. Our process has led to the creation of highly successful teams at some of today’s most successful technology startups and Fortune 500 organizations.

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Recruiting Solutions

We customize our recruiting solutions based on the needs of our clients, taking into account a wealth of factors, to offer a solution that addresses your constraints. We take into account your level of urgency, specifics of your needs, and your resource and budgetary constraints to craft a solution that best addresses your needs. Our offerings include contingency, retained, and customized solutions.

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Case Studies

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