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Companies need leadership and management experience with the right vision, passion and energy. The professionals at the top define and execute your company’s plans for growth and success, serving as the champions and thought leadership for your organization. Millennium Search helps technology companies locate, qualify and capture critical executive leadership with our leading corporate recruiters.


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Recent Placements Include…

CEO in the Enterprise Software Industry, New York, NY

CMO in the SaaS Space, San Francisco, CA

CTO in the Big Data Industry, New York, NY

CRO in the Mobile Applications Space, Chandler, AZ

Senior Marketing Recruiters in the E-commerce Space, Los Angeles, CA


Fronto partnered with Millennium Search to hire their VP of Sales.


Connecting Executives Across The Tech World

Executives Across The Tech World

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Who We Are…

Millennium Search partners with emerging and high growth startups and technology companies to secure top talent and scale business and technology teams to fuel tomorrow’s innovations. As the premier executive search firm for today’s technology industry, we serve as a trusted recruiting resource and a source of know- ledge and expertise for our clients and their backers, from angel investors and advisors, to top tier venture capital firms.


Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

High Caliber

We boast a 100% success rate on retained searches.

Why Choose Us Responsive


Our executive management recruiters average client response time is under 1 hour.

Why Choose Us Experienced


Our executive recruiters have an average of 15 years in the industry.

Why Choose Us Efficient


Our average time to placement is 45 days.

Luke Sugho Ahn, CEO Fronto

“They quickly began delivering candidates with the experience and startup DNA we sought, which resulted in the hire of our VP of Sales.”

—Luke Sugho Ahn, CEO Fronto

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