An Executive Search Firm for Technology Companies

An Executive Search Firm for Technology Companies

Millennium Search is the premier executive search firm for emerging and high growth technology startups and companies. As a boutique team of highly experienced recruiters, we serve as a respected and trusted partner in executive search for startups and companies around the globe. We act as a source of knowledge and expertise in recruiting and hiring for both technology companies and their investors, and provide tailored recruiting solutions to address our clients' needs across executive and business, technical and design, and sales and marketing functions.

Why We Succeed

Our success begins with our seasoned team of executive recruiters, all with years of experience across several industries and verticals. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial match by finding the right candidate for your organization, and the right position for each candidate. We employee tried and true search methods with an innovative approach, using our vast network of talent in combination with multiple sourcing channels and our proven targeting strategies to locate and reach the talent you need. And like the startups we partner with, we operate in a responsive, efficient and results focused way, maintaining a sharp focus on tailoring our recruiting solutions towards the needs of technology companies.

How We Compare

Since 2003, Millennium Search has become a trusted partner to hundreds of today’s top technology companies and venture backed startups. We are consistently recognized for our level of responsiveness, higher caliber of service, and outstanding results in executive search and technical recruiting. We have earned and maintain a track record of success in the technology industry, and continue to stand above the competition, offering the solutions, the expertise and the results that today’s technology company demands.

Where We Work

Millennium Search serves technology companies and startup across the nation and in major startup and technology hubs around the world. The locations we serve include San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

What We Guarantee

Our Goal is to create a mutually beneficial match between client and candidate, maintaining relationships with both sides of the table to promote success and growth. We take great care to tailor our strategies to fit the needs of your open position, taking into account skill sets, experience, alignment of goals, and chemistry and culture. And should a placement fail to last, we replace any candidate within the first 90 days for reasons other than downsizing. We work hard to ensure your success in hiring, team building and growth.

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