Concentrated on Technology Recruiting

Our Focus

Millennium Search caters to the world of emerging technologies, and has developed its recruiting solutions around that focus. We are as passionate about the high tech world as the clients we serve, which fuels us to push through conventional search methodologies, embrace cutting edge strategies, and stay centered on placing top talent. As a boutique recruiting firm, we combine our clients’ needs and parameters with our knowledge of the sector to quickly and effectively deploy customized, results-focused solutions.

A Passion For the High Tech World

We work with high tech clients and candidates because we love the world of technology. As a company, we maintain a sharp focus on emerging breakthroughs, innovations, and entrepreneurial ideas. We monitor today’s industry trends as well as emerging and growing marketplaces to better predict, understand, and engage with today’s innovators. As a team, we strive for a high level of engagement within our niche by maintaining relationships with entrepreneurs, founders, and thought leaders in the technology world,

An Obsession With the Startup Community

We believe that the startup community is where true innovation is occurring. The passion and drive we see in their leaders, combined with their flexibility and maneuverability, positions these companies to break new ground and move technology forward at a rapid pace. We take a great deal of pride in working with these companies, and are as excited to be a part of that world as they are. We draw from our relationships with startups, as well as top venture capital firms, advisers, and accelerators to engage this community and serve as a source of industry knowledge and expertise to help push the community forward.

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