3 Keys to a Positive Candidate Experience

Positive Candidate Experience

Both recruiters and employers are going into the coming year facing tremendous difficulties finding candidates with the right technical skills. They no longer have the luxury of picking from an eager pool of quality people. Recruiting passive candidates is key. 

You need passive candidates more than they need you. Getting their attention is important, but you won’t be able to keep it if the process isn’t positive. This is why the “candidate experience” has become a top priority for technical recruiters. You have to make them feel like a priority for both your recruiting and hiring teams. If you don’t, they’ll have no problem moving on to other companies who do. 

Here are some tips for hiring the best candidates on the market:

1. Have a clear process set up 

It’s difficult for recruiting teams to keep things moving in the interview process. Team members’ calendars fill up quickly. It’s difficult to coordinate times that work for both them and the candidate.  

The best way to make it work is to collaborate on a structured process with everyone’s buy-in. It can involve: 

  • Set times to schedule phone calls 
  • Windows for in-person interviews 
  • Deadlines for reviewing candidates 
  • Timelines for approving offers.  

This will keep you from hanging candidates in limbo.

2. Listen to the candidate

A recruiting team can only win over a candidate if their opportunity lines up with the candidate’s goals. You can make that case if you ask them, in-depth, about it and pay close attention to their response. Once you have that information, make sure to share it with the rest of the team. They can then reinforce the goals-to-opportunity match throughout the process. 

It’s also important to listen to what’s going on in their lives. A candidate may not be able to do Wednesday afternoons because that’s when they pick up their kids from school. If during scheduling, you tell them you avoided Wednesdays because you remembered they don’t work, you’ve told them you respect their priorities.

3. Tell the truth

There may be times when you find a candidate with the perfect background, but your opportunity doesn’t match their goals. Other times, they may be a great overall candidate, but their skills don’t line up with what you need today. 

Don’t try to force a fit. Have a direct conversation about these possible issues. They will respect you for respecting them. That positive impression will keep the door open for better situations in the future. They’re also more likely to believe you when you tell them you do have something that works. 

Millennium Search Can Help Identify Top Candidates 

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