Position: Tech Pre-sales Consultant

EMC is a well-established company and leading provider of storage hardware solutions within the cloud. They are #1 in the back-up storage industry, with their product, DataDomain. EMC maintains their hold on the market by also following a very detailed hiring process. Because of this, they can afford to wait a while for top talent and take candidates through multiple levels of interviews. In this sense, EMC takes a more traditional approach to both their interviewing and culture. The right candidate had to be looking for this type of environment as well as be able to conquer the interviewing process.

With this type of work environment, our recruiters meticulously scanned their extensive networks in order to deliver the right fit in a short amount of time. The experience our recruiters have, shows through when they can identify if a candidate is a proper cultural, as well as skilled, fit within the company. This analytical approach assures every candidate delivered has a legitimate right to be in front of the hiring manager. With EMC, the extensive network proved very helpful with this search as the relationship had already been built with the eventual candidate. Millennium Search has gone on to successfully place over 10 candidates in sales and pre-sales within (EMC) DataDomain in the last year.

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