The Pros and Cons of Remote Workers

The advance of internet technologies has introduced the remote worker option to companies that would never have considered it in the past. A growing number of jobs are well-suited to the practice, including positions that have traditionally been managed in-house.  

Because of this, the remote workforce has grown by 159% since 2005. There’s little reason to think that growth won’t continue. 

This doesn’t mean remote work is a good choice for your company. As with any employment situation, staffing teams must weigh the pros and cons to see if it makes sense for your circumstances. 

Pro: Wider candidate pool 

Talent shortage is the top emerging risk for companies worldwide. Considering remote workers casts your net out to candidates you could never bring in from your immediate region. It allows your recruiting team to pull in the best options from anywhere, including from all over the globe. 

Con: Loss of oversight 

When you see an employee every day, and their workspace is accessible to you, there’s a higher chance of catching issues before they snowball. You can build processes to decrease this risk, but it will never be as effective as interacting face to face in an office environment to see what’s up. 

This is magnified by the fact remote workers are susceptible to intrusions from their personal life. Not everyone has the discipline to manage intrusions and distractions under their own roof. 

Pro: Reduction in overhead 

The elimination of facility costs is one of the most immediate areas of cost savings with remote workers. You may still have to supply them with software and tools, but you’re supplying those to your on-site staff as well. On the other hand… 

Con: No control over facilities 

Remote work is dependent on: 

  • Electricity 
  • The Internet 

These are under your control in your own building. Your remote worker may be in a place where they aren’t a given, especially other countries. Any hiccup can cut them off. 

Pro: Increased morale 

Recent studies have shown that remote work can be good for morale. Overall, telecommuting has increased feelings of satisfaction and employee commitment. It also lowered stress and exhaustion. For the right people and the right circumstance, this equals a more productive employee. 

Remote work isn’t the best choice for every situation. It’s important to make sure it’s the best solution both for the specific position and the team. You may find it a more productive solution than you’d considered. 

Delivering Candidates You Need 

Millennium Search has the experience in executive recruiting for technology companies to help you figure out the best hiring options for your team. Whether it’s remote workers or employees under your own roof, we’re the technical recruiting experts who can deliver the candidates you need. Contact us to see how we can best help you.  

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