Build a Stellar Tech Sales Resume

Tech sales resumes are not what get you hired, but by no means does that render them useless. Their purpose is to get you to the table. In order to do that, your resume must differentiate you, accent your abilities, and do as good a job selling you to an employer as you could do selling that employer’s message. Take a look at our tips for making your sales resume stand out, tell your best story and get you into the job you want.

Tell Your Story with Numbers

For a sales professional, nothing tells your story better than the numbers. How much you sold, how much revenue you generated, how far you surpassed your goals, and the progression of your numbers over time all tell the story that hiring managers want to see. For smaller, high-growth companies, illustrating your ability to start from the bottom and create an impact is crucial. Your numbers are that demonstrative.

Clarify What You Sold and To Whom you Sold It

Your experience within an industry and your knowledge of products and technologies is not always as important as the networks you’ve lived in and which relationships you’ve grown. When you show you have an established network with a group of professionals within a given target market or sector, you show the hiring sales manager the kind of leg up that you offer. Rather than building a book of business from the ground up, you can hit the ground running with a list of warm prospects.

Show off Your Brands, Industries and Products

Everyone loves brand names, especially on a resume. They are obvious and lend instant credibility and recognition. The same goes for industries and sectors you’ve been involved with, as well as products and services. Listing these on your sales resume doesn’t demonstrate performance, but it makes you instantly identifiable.

Display Your Achievements

No other type of employee is the recipient of more varied awards than that of the sales professional. Recognition amongst sales professionals is abundant for product quotas, revenue tiers, regional and overall performance, as well as awards for consistency. Incentives for salespeople carry a lot of impact to the bottom line, but they also serve as context around performance metrics. Generating a million dollars in revenue seems impressive, but when you can point to that being $350,000 more than the next closest rep, your accomplishment cannot be questioned.

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