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Case Study

Technology Sector:

Product Managers are a hot commodity these days — especially in the intensely competitive New York tech talent market. Whether you are an industry behemoth or a fledgling up-start, talented Product Managers can make the difference between driving sustainable growth or fading out of memory and eventually going bust. Unfortunately, Stealth was not alone in recognizing the value of this role and was struggling to get the attention of qualified candidates. Stealth needed 2 Product Managers combining online travel industry acumen and vision with a solid understanding of software development processes and technology.Jodi Baldassin, Stealth’s Chief Talent Officer, understood the disparity between supply and demand but refused to let the tight market lead to mediocre-to-bad Product Managers.


The search resulted in the hiring of 2 accomplished online travel industry software experts, each bringing deep experience in both product management and the travel industry. One with over 20 years of experience, joining Stealth Travel from an online corporate travel company where this individual was Senior Director of Technology. The other, with equally impressive credentials, joined from Hotwire where he was the Senior Manager of their international product.

Client Feedback

“Great Product Managers are invaluable to any organization. Millennium Search came through in finding two very talented and senior Product Managers that are having a great impact in our entire organization.”
Mauricio Lomelin
CTO Stealth Travel

Recruiter on search

Mike Feeney

Mike Feeney

Managing Partner

Mike Feeney, based in the Boston office, has over 25 years experience in the technology space from a wide range of perspectives including executive search, strategic consulting, software development, and marketing. Mike’s keys to success were twofold – he had travel industry experience and Product Manager relationships that reached beyond New York to international and West Coast candidates.

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