How to Pick Top Recruiting Firms In NYC

Top Recruiting Firms In NYC

Finding the right recruiting agency in NYC can be very challenging if you don’t have the right connections in your niche or your company is still in the early stages of formation.

New York City is a very competitive area and it might be difficult to reach top talent without the help of one of the  top recruiting firms In NYC. Especially if you have little or no experience with recruiting.

But when should you use the services of top NYC executive search firms?

The Time Factor

Finding the right candidates used to be much faster a few years ago. This has changed since the economic downturn in 2008. The market has improved and there are several emerging startups and larger corporations looking for talent, too.

This change has resulted in more open positions and fewer candidates applying for them. At a time when a quick hire is crucial for business growth, this can be a decisive factor in choosing to work with headhunters.

The time factor is also very important when bad hires happen. Hiring the wrong candidates means great losses for both the hiring company and the job seekers. It can decrease revenue numbers, hinder growth, and disrupt company culture. NYC businesses tend to have strong growth rates immediately after formation and a bad hire can result in fatal losses for the company.

Bad Hires Cost You Time And Money

The fear of a bad hire can also result in prolonged hiring processes. The number of assessments and the length of interviews tends to be too high if the company lacks the right hiring experience. Many times the candidates don’t get sufficient amount of feedback from the companies during the assessment period and this can result in high drop off rates.

However, if the company chooses to work with top NYC headhunters, it is more likely that their tried and tested interview and assessment processes will decrease the number of rounds and the length of hiring.

Recruiting consultants are also more likely to be available to candidates during the entire length of the hiring process and this can result in more rapid hires. The best way to avoid bad hires and decrease the hiring time is to use reputable NYC recruitment agencies.

High Turnover Rates

Another important factor that can result in outsourcing recruiting is high turnover rates.

High employee turnover can result in losses in revenue and it damages company culture as well. Frequent changes in the company structure reduce productivity and harm the general morale among the remaining team members.

The best way to decrease employee turnover is to hire the right people from the start. Make sure to filter candidates carefully: first, assess their role-specific skills and then assess these top 5 employee strengths.

Niche Specific Positions

If you first decide to handle hiring internally and you end up with a very low number of qualified applicants, you might consider hiring a recruitment firm. NYC search firms have extensive databases of candidates who would otherwise be out of your reach. This is particularly true in the case of niche specific positions.

Niche specific and higher-level positions require special search methods. The number of qualified candidates is lower than in the case of more general roles and you might not be able to reach the right people by only addressing active job seekers.

Niche specific search firms usually have large databases of passive job seekers and might find you just what you need. When choosing a recruitment firm, make sure to check that they have hired for niches like your own. If you’re a location dependent business also make sure to choose from New York search firms who have direct access to local talent.

Finding Top Recruiting Firms In NYC

The best way to find the right search firm for your needs is networking. Make sure to build out connections among the top recruiting consultants in your niche before you actually need their services. This way you can save a considerable amount of time when in need of an urgent hire.

This should be easy by doing a short research among top executives in your niche. Reach out to them either through industry specific platforms or simply LinkedIn. Make sure you find people in similar roles that you want to hire for, or at least try to approach niche specific executives. Most of them were probably approached or even worked with NYC search firms throughout their careers and they will be able to give you some valuable advice.

If you lack the right connections or you didn’t manage to get any useful referrals from executives you can simply use online tools to find top NYC recruiters.

Beyond Personal Referrals

Nowadays when recruiters can be found and approached easier than ever it is very important to find the right ways of networking with them. Personal referrals are the best most of the time, but in cases of niche and location-specific choices online and offline databases might be of a great help, too.

How to find the right search firms online?

LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search function might be the best choice for you. It is accessible from every LinkedIn page and you can find niche and location specific recruiters very easily.

Just make sure to set your location to NYC and select ‘Staffing and Recruiting’ in the industry category. You can refine the search by adding some niche specific keywords or just hit the search button for a comprehensive list. For example, search the term “technology”. This will turn up thousands of names for IT recruiters in New York. LinkedIn’s search allows you to specify company name, location, job title, and other useful options.

Search recruiter directories. There are several offline and online recruiter directories that might help you find the top NYC search firms in your niche. For offline lists, try your local library, or search these sites for online databases: you can find free recruiter directories on this site such as Oya’s Directory of Recruiters and others. While free directories might be less comprehensive, they get updated more often so best is to search both free and subscription-based lists. is a free online directory to help you find top NYC recruiters in your niche. It helps you filter different models: contingency, retained, outplacement, intern staffing, and RPO. It also has the option to select between a list of niches and add keywords to your search. is a membership based career service primarily for job-seeking executives. But after becoming a member you can search their international executive search firm directory and find the best consultants for your needs.

Another two free and searchable recruiter directories include and

Bottom Line

Whether companies want to streamline their hiring processes or they are in an urgent need of a good hire, using one of the top recruiting firms In NYC will improve their chances of finding the right people. Hiring requires years of experience in the field and more importantly the right connections in specific niches, so outsourcing the recruiting process might be the right choice for both small and larger corporations as well.

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