5 Benefits of Outsourcing Recruiting for Startups

outsourcing recruiting

Large corporations have long been using search firms for outsourcing recruiting processes. With the Bay Area’s competitive environment and the growing number of emerging startups and mid-sized firms, the traditional views on recruitment are rapidly changing. A growing number of search firms are focusing on smaller companies and offering services for targeting the needs of early-stage startups.

Recruitment firms can help alleviate the strains of hiring while startups can focus on core business processes. Here are the top 5 benefits of working with a search firm for small companies:

#1 Reducing Costs

This is one of the most basic arguments for outsourcing recruiting, especially for small and middle-sized companies. Small companies rarely have the resources, connections, and expertise to conduct a thorough search, and finding the best candidate for high-level positions is the key to future growth.

Collecting resumes, conducting interviews, setting up meetings and doing background checks are all very time-consuming and require a lot of connections in the industry. Not to say that each day the job remains unfilled, the company loses the benefit of growth.

#2 Employing The Best People Right From The Start

Every startup wants to have a pick from the top 10%, particularly in the Bay Area, where everyone is looking for talent. And it is of utmost importance to maintain a high level of standard, or else the team will suffer. There is nothing worse than team members not liking your executive hire. Not to mention a bad hire can cost you a lot.

To be able to pick the right candidates, it is very important to have the right connections in place when it comes to the selection process. You may be expert in your field, but recruiting requires years of networking and if you truly want to find the best fits for your positions, you might need all the connections a search firm has to offer.

#3 Focus on Business Growth

Having the right employees is the fuel of growth. And anything that takes away resources from core business functions will hinder growth.

This is also true for outsourcing recruiting and finding the best employees without taking away resources from early-stage company growth.

Another key question is: Do you have the resources to keep up with critical hiring in high-growth periods of the company?

#4 Fluctuating Recruiting Periods

When a high volume of needs arises, it is crucial to address the demand with the same level of scrupulousness as in regular periods of company growth.

Rapidly growing small and middle-sized companies often have fluctuating recruiting needs. Periods of rapid growth means periods heavily focused on hiring new people and in-house recruiting lays a huge burden on existing staff.

Finding the right candidates in this environment requires being constantly up-to-date on new recruitment tactics and the emergence of new trends. Not to mention that you have to keep up with social media, nurture ongoing relationships with candidates and do the background checks yourself.

Busy hiring managers can only cope with a spike like that if they outsource at least part of their hiring processes. Outsourcing recruiting to experienced search companies can assure that the staffing requirements of rapid growth patterns are addressed with the right expertise.

#5 Competitive Advantage

Companies in the early stages of formation simply don’t have the same amount of resources available as their larger competitors. Outsourcing recruiting can guarantee that top talent will be placed on crucial positions from the start without losing on the competitiveness front and securing growth with the most skilled experts.

The outsourcing process makes sure small companies get access to passive job seekers as well and find the most skilled candidates for their recruitment needs.

Bottom Line

With a competitive global job market, and an ongoing hunt for top talent in the Bay Area, startups and small companies can find it very difficult to keep up with the hiring needs of a rapid growth period and find the very best candidates for the most crucial positions as early as company formation.

Nowadays it is becoming more and more common to address these needs by using the services of executive search firms not only for industry giants but high-growth startups as well.

Have you tried coping with recruiting in-house in the early stages of company growth? If yes, what were your experiences? Tell us in comments!

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