State of the Union From Millennium Search 2019

With January behind us, we are in the midst of the busy hiring season as clients look to implement new budgets, build strong teams, and grow their companies. By looking back at our 2018 analytics, it can demonstrate trends to focus on and guide our approach for the current year.

Focused Partnership Garners Best Success

We had 27 successful placements in 2018 with a majority of the roles being in Product Management, Pre/Post Sales, and Sales. Additional placements fell within Marketing and UI/UX roles.

More than half of our searches were under retained agreements, with the overwhelming majority of Sales and Pre/Post Sales roles filled in this manner. 

We embrace the opportunities our clients give to us, and take pride in helping hard workers connect and thrive. Our emphasis for 2019 remains on focused partnerships within the exclusive and retained models. This approach simply works best within the competitive hiring landscape for Sales roles especially, and more and more clients are seeing success with exclusive searches for Product Management and Marketing roles as well.

Contingency searches can often compliment a client’s overall methods and we have the confidence and experience to deliver in these environments as well.

The World Is Flat

Our clients are often based in New York City or the Bay Area, and that trend continued in 2018, but we also helped clients located in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, England, France and Australia.

The digital world has flattened things out so that our reach into regions nationally and abroad is uncompromised. And with more and more clients supportive of remote relationships with their employees, the net can be cast even wider. We are very effective with helping companies hire US-based candidates or relocate them abroad, and will continue to support the increasing number of global clients in need of quality guidance in maneuvering through the process of building teams in US locations.

Expanding Horizons

Sectors and specialties that turned to us for support spanned Ecommerce, Virtual Realization/Augmentation, Digital Design, AI, Marketing Tech, Environmental, Enterprise Software, Communications, FinTech, Health & Wellness, SaaS, Business Intelligence, Mobile Applications, Hardware and, Cloud.

We continue to welcome clients from a variety of industries, and feel it is counterproductive to limit our exposure to a few verticals, when the startup and technology landscapes evolve so quickly with innovative concepts being brought to light every day.

Valued Relationships

A third of our business came from existing clients. And of the new clients we took on, most of them gave us additional roles beyond the first search, seeking a longer-term hiring partner.

We are committed to building relationships as a hiring partner, and not just a recruiter. We work hard to deliver talent that is appropriate for the company, the role and the candidate. Our experience in the hiring landscape allows our recruiters to be a strong advocate for our clients, helping them to adjust comp plans, qualification requirements, benefits packages, titles and responsibilities to enable a successful search. That same experience has created an invaluable network amongst passive candidates, their referrals to candidates new to us, and the ability to connect with top talent that might otherwise overlook a prime opportunity.

We continue to evaluate and adjust our approach in order to remain a valued hiring partner to our clients, and adapt to the constantly changing world of recruiting. There is always something to learn and knowledge to be shared. Millennium Search looks forward to doing both throughout a productive 2019.

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